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Barbados had always been a destination we wanted to do work in but what seemed most prevalent about how the country was spoken about, was as a holiday destination. Yet we know that doesn’t accurately represent the socio-economic landscape of all demographics. 

Through the help of a Black Girls Travel Too vendor, we established “Voluntourism –  vacation designed for volunteering” in the Pine Community of Barbados. Together with the key leaders of the community, we reframed Barbados as a “community to do” instead of travel to, as would be found on the government website. 

In addition to the leisurely itinerary we had planned for our BGTT Trip over 7 days, we dedicated 3 of those days to the upliftment and care of the community – and it was worth it. 

Since our involvement in the community, we have made sure to return to the community annually to ensure that there is continuous investment and development for the area.